Nobody likes a vegetarian!!!

25 10 2008

So, last weekend I accidentally didn’t eat any meat.  I didn’t even realize it unitl Saturday was pretty much over.  I thought to myself, “For breakfast I had eggs, for lunch we went to a vegetarian cafe, and for dinner I had cheese pizza.  I’m totally a vegetarian today!!”  Although it was kind of a joke, I was kind of challenged by the possibility of being a veg.  The more I thought about it, the more it excited me.

It has been a week now, and I haven’t eaten any meat.  Although I feel un-American and definitely un-Texan, I think I can totally do this!  It makes things a bit easier since Birge is already a veg and has tested  what works and what doesn’t.  She was basically my guinea pig.  I think it will actually be more healthy for me as well since I basically never ate vegetables before.



It actually makes life a bit easier too because now we can just make one meal for both of us!!




One response

7 11 2008
kimmie herbert

WOW – Jared will be so bummed to hear about this…and I will totally gloat about it.

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