Bug a Boo 2k8

4 11 2008

The title of this blog post alone sends shivers down my spine.  As many of you know, Bug a Boo is typically the craziest, most physically taxing day of the year for me.  It has always been a huge carnival that takes place on Halloween night and we invite the community to come and hang out with us.  There is always a huge payoff, but also a huge sacrifice for volunteers and staff members at Revolution.  In addition, there has always been a Life Group competition for the best game booth at Bug a Boo.  That is extra added stress for me due to my extremely competitive nature.  Everything changed on Friday, October 31, 2008.

Bug a Boo this year was a scaled back, local, more organic version of previous Bug a Boos…and it rocked face!!!  Not only did it rock because it didn’t occupy my soul for a week, but it was ridiculously effective!  All the Life Groups have been echoing this feeling that I have.  There were 4 Bug a Boos spread out through the greater Long Beach area (1 in Carson, 2 in Lakewood, 1 in Los Alamitos), and all 4 had great turnouts.  If I had to guess, I would say that at least 300 kids came to ours alone!  If you multiply that by 4….well friends, you have the biggest Bug a Boo ever.  Now, size doesn’t always matter, but there were “real” conversations going on between neighbors and people from Revolution Church.  It’s weird what happens when people see a group of people blessing their neighborhood with no strings attached.

Here are some pics of our Bug a Boo.  We were with Dave and Judi Thomas’ Life Group and Ron and Peggy Watson’s Life Group.  Enjoy!




One response

4 11 2008

Awesome. We are soooo doing this next year. Wish we could have done it with you!

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