#1 Cause of Divorce…

6 11 2008

A few weeks ago during the announcements at church, I let everybody know how much I hate laundry.  It is officially my least favorite chore.  What’s worse…Bridget hates it too.  It’s not that I don’t like clean clothes, I just hate the process required for the payoff.  I really don’t know that it’s worth it.

*Disclaimer* Bridget and I live in an apartment where it costs us $2 for a small load.

Until recently, laundry has been one of the number one causes of arguments between Bridget and I.  We both hate it.  We both treat it the same way, as if the other person should always take care of it.  Well, my friends, that’s how you end up with 2 weeks worth of laundry and enough resentment to fill a hot air balloon.  I believe that laundry, not money, is the number one cause of divorce.

Enter Spin Cycle: the saviour of marriages throughout greater Long Beach.  Spin Cycle offers full laundry service…FULL.  They will even pick up and drop off the laundry (We don’t use that…it’s right by us).  They charge 95 cents/lb.  It may sound like a lot, but it really isn’t much more.  What we have found is that it costs roughly about $10 more for 2 weeks of laundry.  Considering the time and frustration saved, not to mention that it saves marriages, it is so worth it.  I love it.

The Mecca of Marriage Healing

The Mecca of Marriage Healing

This place can heal Britney and K-Fed, Madonna and Guy, Mike Tyson and Robin Givens.  It is amazing.

Other features: Free Wi-Fi, Always staffed, Can have your laundry done by the end of the day if you drop it off in the morning, Starbucks coffee, and uses a debit style card so you don’t have to keep up with 100 quarters.




3 responses

7 11 2008
kimmie herbert

that is really awesome, its about time laundry was upgraded!

9 11 2008
Jennifer Gibb

That’s cool! I hear you, Laundry stinks….

12 11 2008

I don’t have a problem with laundry.

Oh wait…that’s cause Rachel does it. Nevermind.

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