NC and Wedding Recap

18 11 2008

What’s interesting about flying across the country is you can leave at 6:45 am and not arrive until 5:00 pm.  That is life flying on Southwest Airlines.  My mom works for them so we always fly for free, but it always seems to be freaking early when we can get on a flight standby.

North Carolina is beautiful this time of year.  It has what people in other parts of the country call “seasons” and right now all the trees are red, orange, and yellow.  Of course, it rained on us all week so that wasn’t so beautiful.

It was a fun time.  All of my old friends were there and we hung out all weekend.  The most stressful part for me was being the best man in my best friend’s wedding.  There are actually quite a few responsibilities, none of which are more important than the toast.  Michael (my best friend), is an awesome orator and gave the toast at my wedding.  I wasn’t comparing, but I definitely wanted the toast to be remembered.  I thought about doing a completely ridiculous skit at the reception with somebody dressed as a chicken, but my friends and wife helped me think better of that.  So, I did what I think is the next best thing.  I wrote a toast that was accompanied by a video that I showed before the toast on a projector.

The maid of honor (Marla, Jennie’s sister) and I teamed up for the video.  We wanted it to be funny, crazy, and memorable.  We shot it in one hour, and thanks to Tara (videographer), edited it in about 4 hours the day before the wedding.  The premise for this video is that I had been having bad dreams about the toast and one of my dreams had magically been captured on this video.  I followed it up with a sentimental/funny toast.  Check it out




2 responses

18 11 2008
James Hunt

Can’t get enough of that video

18 11 2008

haha! so funny! love the video!!! see you guys next time i visit jen and mike!!! thanks for all the wedding help!

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