I Love our Church Staff…

19 11 2008

I know many of us feel this way, but don’t say it enough.  I am going to list the reasons why I love everybody on the Revolution Church Staff.

Jen – She is the glue that holds the whole thing together.  She busts her butt doing stuff that everybody takes for granted.  In addition to that, I love her heart for her family and her friendship.  Truly beautiful person.

Christopher – If there is one person that has blown my mind over the last year, it is Christopher.  He has stepped up in ways that most people don’t even know.  In some ways, he has picked up Revolution and put it on his back to keep the ball rolling.  His heart bleeds for ministry.  He is a great teacher and leader with a huge heart.  I love this guy.

Elijah – His ability to create an experience where you can encounter God through worship is uncanny.  Musically, he is amazing.  He loves God and loves to worship Him.  I love this guy.

Jenny – Her heart for kids is certainly one that is enviable.  She probably creates the most change in people’s lives of anybody at Revolution.  After all, you have the best chance to reach people for Christ when they are children.  In addition, she is a good friend to me and my wife and is especially pretty with braces :).

Andrew – He cares so much for the people at Long Beach Campus and has a huge heart for serving others.  He is extremely generous and has an awesome heart for God.  He is a good friend for whom I am very thankful.

Keith – He has one of the biggest hearts of anybody I know.  He is basically the tall, male, redheaded version of my wife…who I love.  He is so talented (music, drama, art, etc.) it makes me jealous.  I appreciate his warmth and sincerity.

Devin – He is ridiculously creative.  I love that about this guy.  He is passionate about Jesus and reaching people for His kingdom.  In addition, he is freaking hilarious.

Jim – He is a volunteer staff member…enough said about his heart for ministry.  He is a guy that loves people and encourages people better than most anybody I know.  He is wise and brings a sense of unity to the staff.  Love him.

Darrenn – One of the most positive people I know.  He has a huge heart for his family, which I appreciate.  He is an awesome youth leader and great with the kids.  He is also freaking hilarious…I love being around him.

Pete – He is an amazing leader.  His list of accomplishments is huge and they all are out of the pouring over of his heart.  He is also hilarious and I am blown away by how calm he is during craziness.  That is craziness itself.  He’s the man.

These are the servants of Revolution Church.  They have been charged with leading volunteers and a church to do God’s work…and they love it.  That’s why we love them.

Morning Update to this Post:  Look at the comments.  I actually love what Angelo said.  It is impossible to completely put into words all of the positive things we feel about our church staff.  I can’t do it alone.  I would love it if you guys could keep this comment chain going.  How do you feel about our church staff?  They all read this so it is a good opportunity to tell them.  Keep it going!!!

Afternoon Update to this Post: It has been brought to my attention that Patti was somehow left off of this and that is a travesty.  Patti gets the very desireable job of having to handle the church’s money.  Let me tell you that is a tough job.  But, you know what…she does an awesome job at it.  I love Patti as she is part of the tag team that is my “Mom” in CA because my real mom is in TX.  That is a way tougher job than the money.  Love her…




6 responses

19 11 2008

yes we do!

19 11 2008
Jenny Platt

Wow…I am sure glad I listened to you and read. Thank you so much. You forget how much it means to hear what someone thinks about you. I am so blessed to have you and Bridget in my life. Thank you for all the sacrifices that you do for Revolution!

19 11 2008

Good post, way to set a tone of encouragement, I will add a few that I can off the top of my head.

I will reaffirm I am amazed with Jen and her endurance! She is a very positive but direct person who I enjoy interacting with and I appreciate her attitude and willingness to do whatever!

I am (emotionally) overwhelmed with Jim’s spirit, he is SO FREAKING INSPIRING and his examples of service and love are just AMAZING… very hard to put in words.

I am also EXTREMELY blown away by Christopher, in light of this situation. It’s also very hard to put into words but I’m so proud of him for his endurance heart, and hard work for the church in light of all the crap that was piled on. It would’ve been VERY EASY to just move on or run away but no he has stayed the course, jumped out front to provide that PRESENCE we needed and tireless continues to kept us moving forward…

When the crap hit the fan, the easy response was to move on or find something else (which some did) however through witnessing these (and the ones you mentioned) people’s spirit and love for the church and community it was TRULY INSPIRING and just made it feel EASY to keep on going and work to make things progress.

I love this church and I think thank you (and Christopher) for coming (back) to CA and encouraging us to visit when we really needed it but just couldn’t see it. I can see us nowhere else but at Revolution!

20 11 2008

When I wrote my last comment (via google reader) I thought I was commenting on Leanne’s blog, because that’s where this post was linked. So I’m sorry if it’s a little confusing, but I still mean what I wrote!

I really have to add a little about Charlie, you’re an awesome guy with a great such a hard work ethic for Jesus, Charlie you are one of the BIG reasons why I keep showing up on Sunday mornings to help make church happen!

20 11 2008
Judi Thomas

Hey, you forgot our money lady (aka Patti). Now I thought she would be tops on everybodies lists.


20 11 2008

good catch judi

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