Capture the Flag!!!

29 11 2008

Every year on Thanksgiving or the day before or after, I rally a bunch of people together and we play a huge game of Capture the Flag.  This year, it wasn’t quite a huge game since pretty much nobody showed up, but it was still fun.  Bart, Austin, Johnny, Brandon, Chris, Austin’s friend, and I all went to the park behind the Boulton’s home to play this original Olympic game (that’s not true).

While it was fun, it did feel like it was missing something for a while.  I realized what it was when 4 cop cars came driving up on the grass with their spotlights on us, and saying over their microphone, “Get on the ground and put your hands at your side.  Lay on the ground!”  It was really kind of funny because they probably thought we were in a fight or something, but it is just a bunch of people playing a kids game…awesome.

It was less funny when I realized that they all had their guns drawn ready for action.

Apparently somebody driving by called the cops because they saw another one of Austin’s friends shooting at us with an AirSoft Gun that they didn’t realize was an Air Soft Gun.  We didn’t think anything of it because we knew they were just messing around.  The cops were not as understanding.  They found the kid and harassed him a bit, took his gun, but eventually let him go.  Once they let him go, the kids that had the Air Soft Guns joined us in Capture the Flag, so our game grew a bit.

It only got better when, in the final game, Austin’s friend David grabbed the flag and as he started running away Brandon accidentally threw him in the pond.  In the process, Brandon’s momentum dragged him into the pond as well, but only one leg.  His iPhone was spared…thank God.

Maybe this story will inspire those of you who wanted to come last night, but slacked and didn’t show up.  I know I would want to get a gun drawn on me and maybe get thrown in a pond…you totally missed out.

See ya next year!




3 responses

1 12 2008

I’m so glad my husband was a part of your CRAZINESS. Glad you guys had lots of fun. Way to end the night!

5 01 2009
kimmie herbert

So much fun! Jared’s family has a traditional football game played in a field in the back of the church every year! I hope your tradition can continue.

16 05 2012
Sharon Markum

Thanks for good info 🙂

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